Workshop Overviews

The following features are the offerings for 2019.  


Yin & Shiatsu

@estuary yoga space


~Winter transition & a preventative practice in YIN & SHIATSU, sound bath and essential oils

There will be several Shiatsu Practitioners assisting in giving Shiatsu while you relax into your Yin poses. We will have an essential oil to enhance our meditative space and a sound bath resonating with the associated season. + a little take away ')

The transition time between one season to the next is a time known as a grounding period in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The earth element is in play, and it is the ideal time for centering and cultivating zen feels.

Join us for two 2-hour practices of detox and rejuvenation, inspired by oriental methods. Experience a fusion of Zen, Taoist and Yogic philosophy as you flow through streams of modern and traditional techniques. Experience different paths to move harmoniously to the rhythm and change of nature - especially important since Melbourne has so many seasons!

Zen is ‘meditation’ in Japanese, from the Chinese word for ‘quietude’. it is a space to cultivate calm and harmony within. The intention of this immersion is to sustain BALANCE in transition. When we’re balanced on the inside, our outer world directly reflects this. 

This practice will incorporate RELAXATION, MEDITATION, BREATH, SOUND and SHIATSU body work. 


AcuNidra Sessions

@yogabhuja studio CARLTON


*Session: 90 Minutes

This is a sensory healing experience for those seeking to strengthen their mind, body and spirit connection. Emerge from a deeper layer of self. Interrupt habitual patterning. Integrate and rejuvenate.

Acupuncture. Yoga nidra. Essential oil. Tibetan sound bath. Yin & Qi Gong.

Dates & Times: 12.30-2PM       



5th MAY

8th JUNE DAY RETREAT in Mt Martha : Check Retreat page for details

28 July

8 August

17 November